My 3 Monsters: It's Just Not the Same Without Brent Around . . .

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It's Just Not the Same Without Brent Around . . .

Here's proof that almost anything is more fun in my man's company. OK, maybe not a trip to the "lady doctor" or the fabric store (I know from sad experience), but certainly a cruise. Enjoy! (After about 3 minutes it's all just more of the same -- feel free to turn it off early.)

(Mom, Ann, Kennedy, avert your eyes for a moment when he removes the microphone from the stand. You can thank me later.)


  1. Oh, my. Should I be embarrassed that I found that so enjoyable?

  2. Wow, all without "drinks"..or was it? wink wink

  3. Brent IS one of my favorite people around. We wish you guys were closer!

  4. I hoped you'd all enjoy that. It was all for you guys. I've seen him dance like that a million times . . . this week.


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