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What a Great Weekend!

My little boy's all grown up and accountable for his own sins now. Ha ha. It was really fun to have both sides of the family, friends both older (John Arnold) and newer (the Arizona gang), and coworkers in attendance. What a blessing to be surrounded by family and friends on such a special day. We almost didn't all fit in the primary room for the confirmation. I loved it.

We all had lunch back at the house after. Riley wanted a cupcake buffet -- actually those are my words, not his. He said something more along the lines of, " . . . a table full of cupcakes -- more than one kind". Got it. I made 4 kinds -- chocolate mousse, cream cheese spice, peanut butter and jelly, and ice cream cone. 18 dozen mini cupcakes to be exact. (Thanks for frosting them all, Ann!) And two huge salads. Yummy.

It was a near perfect day. I only regret that there is just one of me and so many people I wanted to talk to in such a limited amount of time. And that I forgot to put on the perfectly beautiful bracelet I had planned my whole outfit around. Ugh! I also hope that the sheer quantity of my family members in this tiny house didn't scare Don and Ann (Brent's parents) away for good. It was probably a little overwhelming. Anyway . . . Riley is a pretty special kid. He's been given some heavy burdens to bear and I know that he has already felt the comforting influence of the Holy Ghost. It'll be fun to watch him grow and progress as he prepares to serve his mission. What a great little guy.


  1. Love the pictures! Is that your little sister by Jen? What a pretty girl.. I think I met her once when she was about 6.

  2. Riley, we are so glad you had a wonderful weekend with your family and friends. Congratulations on your baptism.
    Zach and Sarah Bradshaw

  3. Congratulations, Riley! What a neat day. What a great mom to make 18 dozen mini cupcakes. Maybe she'll share the recipes?


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