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Hello, Lovely! Where Have You Been All My Life?

Some people are ironers. My friend Tammy is an ironer. Brent's mom is an ironer. I am not. Have not ever been. Will not ever be. And now I won't look like quite the slob that I really am. It's a dream come true. Downy, have you been reading my diary?


  1. You write about ironing in your diary? I always intend to iron Z's shirts and then I never do and instead I get mean and snap at him, "You've got 2 hands, do it yourself!" I will be wrapping this up and putting it on his pillow for a gift. I am so thoughtful.

  2. I am so not an ironer. I'll have to try the Downy. I usually just spray the intended clothes with water, throw them in the dryer for a few, and voila! - semi unwrinkled clothes. My kids have been trained this way. Kennedy does it every morning.

  3. I have not ironed in about 100 years, but I was just ironing Ry's church pants today and saying how much I hate it.

  4. My iron is throwing clothes in the dryer for a few minutes with a wet washcloth. Even my "Dry clean only" clothes. I am ashamed to admit this. Ashamed, but picking some of this stuff up tonight.


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