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So, I confessed my wicked little campaign poster plan the other day to help ensure that my daughter wins her election at school. I fear I have another confession to make. (Is there some kind of support group for this?)

Anyway . . . I got to thinking . . . there is only one kid running for President. The "crazy popular" kid who so intimidated Sydney must have also scared other children away. There are 4 kids running for VP. Count 'em, 4!!! The popular kid is a shoo-in for Pres because he is running uncontested, right? He's also a friend of Sydney's. They are supposed to make commercials for the morning announcements. Hmmmmm . . . (that's the sound of me scheming). I (innocently) thought that maybe Sydney and Lukas could do their commercials together and essentially endorse one another. Just for fun. Brilliant, huh? Now all she has to do is convince him. Is it wrong that I care so much about this? Does that make me one of those sad, kinda' creepy stage moms who live vicariously through their children? Whatever. Shut up.


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  1. Compulsive Confessors--sounds like a good support group. I'll start it with you:-)


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