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I'm Just Going to Vote for Her . . .

My own little Sarah Palin. Cute, huh? This was family night tonight -- coloring campaign posters. I was hesitant to encourage her to run again this year after her devastating loss in the election for Treasurer last year. Brent's wisdom prevailed, however. He thought she needed to get right back on that old political horse and this time go for the whole enchilada. She planned to run for president until some kid who is "crazy popular" also decided to run. VP is good enough for our baby. And it rhymes with G, so, you know, destiny. Win or lose she'll be OK. She's crazy tough like that. And she'll have a staunch supporter/ campaign manager/ early morning chauffeur to student council meetings/ warm hug at the end of election day in her mom. What more does a little girl need? Ummm, a good speech writer? 500 "Sydney G 4 VP" stickers? T-shirts? Oh, yeah. Wish us luck . . .



  1. Good luck, Syd! You've got our 6 votes.

  2. I hope she gets it! That would be so fun. I am trying to get Erik to fun for senate simply because our slogan could be Tennant for Senate! He's not buying it though.


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