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As Also Promised . . .

Ta Daaaaaaaah!
My Craft Closet.

Already in disarray, I'm more enamored with it now than I was at first. The mess just means I use it, right? And every time I go to get something out and it is exactly where it makes sense for it to be and I don't have to dig boxes out from under the bed to get it, I say a little prayer of thanks for all that is right in my world now.
Truly one of the most beautiful sights in my day-to-day life. I adore ribbon. And over sized glass jars. Together they make a heavenly combination.

The inside of the door.
(Oops. I really need to call that guy who gave me that business card. That's good for another couple hundred dollars worth of work.)

All the closet still lacks (besides about 600 square feet of usable space) is beautiful brushed nickel hooks so I can hang up my sweet retro painting aprons.
Anyway, it's good to be me these days.


  1. I am SO Jealous! I love it! I'm telling you, you are one crafty gal. And So Talented! One day I hope to be just like you... :)

  2. I was just scrolling through and realized I forgot to comment on this one. Loooooove it! This picture is eye-candy for my organizational-loving self! Well done, Aim.


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