My 3 Monsters: Note to a Fifth Grade Teacher -OR- Why We Will NEVER Home School

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Note to a Fifth Grade Teacher -OR- Why We Will NEVER Home School

Let me preface my comments by saying thank you. Thank you for teaching my child to read and write like a grown up. Thank you for teaching her about biomes and the solar system. Thank you for the introduction to geometry and algebra. And thank you for putting up with the petty squabbles and chit chat of a room full of ten going on eighteen year olds. Thank you.

Thank you also for noticing my child wasn't in class several days last week and for your concern about her being able to keep up with the curriculum. Thank you for going out of your way to send all of her text books home with her little brother. Thank you, really. But please forgive me if she returns to school today with only a fraction of the work done. I really didn't think about how much work there would be until I saw it. And, you see, the past few days have been difficult around here. Sick kids (who were really just rashy, bored and stir-crazy), juggling schedules to meet all of our commitments without leaving said children home alone, and my complete incompetence as a "substitute teacher" have left us with a stack of unfinished assignments. Please know that we will continue to work extra every day to catch up, but it may take a bit of time. My daughter is a bright girl, but all the drudgery of homework without the pleasure of social interaction has left her rather . . . under-motivated. Forgive us. And thanks again.

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  1. Ha...great letter. I home schooled our youngest during the 3rd through 5th grade and then again in high school. Talk about a job!! One begins to definitely appreciate some of the teachers that have helped our kids along the way!


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