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Since I have been home from Colorado, a series of misadventures has kept me almost entirely home bound. Aside from dental check ups, and a couple of trips to the pool for spring break, the kids and I have spent the lion's share of our time here. In the house. What was once a nice (albeit small), loving haven from the outside the outside world now seems more like a prison complete with gang fights and crappy food. Whatever. During Spring Break, when the kids were healthy, Brent's car broke down. Twice. I am still fighting the cold that began BEFORE I went to Colorado. That's almost four weeks now, if you're counting. Brent has had a migraine and a cold. On different days, mind you. In the past week the kids have gone from pink eye to sore throats to pink eye in the other eye and, finally, have taken the cake with a lovely rash covering the entirety of their bodies. Best I can guess (with the help of webMd) is that it is German measles. But that can't be right. They've had their vaccinations. How is this happening?! Oh, AND, on the one day that no one was sick our hot water heater broke and I waited around all day for it to be fixed.

AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! Calgon, take me away! I spent yesterday evening changing the sheets on every bed, opening every window and Lysol-ing every surface. Be gone foul germs! I missed my family while I was in Colorado, but come on. I just want a little of my freedom back.

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