My 3 Monsters: Colorado, Day 4:

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Colorado, Day 4:

I'm still sick. Boo. Sicker, in fact, than I was before I came. That's the bad news.

Here's the good news. I'm totally rocking the murals. No paint on my clothes. Two of the four murals done, one canceled, one in progress. I should be done Thursday morning. Fingers crossed.

And a little more bad. I'm here until Saturday afternoon. I can't get over my feelings of guilt. I should be home with my kids. I shouldn't be here enjoying the beautiful hotel for which I'm not paying for one day longer than I absolutely have to. Will the owner (of the gym) think I conned him to get a free vacation?! Will he want to pay me less if I actually worked fewer hours than I planned even though I did the same amount of work?! AAAAHHHHHHHH! So, to settle my angst, I e-mailed the owner's assistant tonight and fully disclosed the situation to see what they want me to do. At least then, if they want me to stay, I can do so with a clear conscience. Mostly. I still miss my family.


  1. You need to stop worrying your little head! You are paid per job - not per hour. If you get it done faster - bonus! For you AND them.
    And the fact that your family misses you - another bonus! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, you know!
    With that said - we totally miss you! Can't wait to hear all about it :)
    And PLEASE let me know if I can help here at home. We can watch kids, make dinner... ok. so we can't do much more than that. But we can help. Use me, baby!

  2. You are a much better person than I. I would be milking the situation of a beautiful hotel away from home, for all it was worth :)


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