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It Can Only Mean One Thing . . .

This is one of the most beautiful of times here in Arizona. Autumn is also a lovely breath of fresh air after a long, hot Summer has bid us adieu. But Spring just feels a little bit special. We are enjoying the bounty of citrus season. That picture is a fraction of a HUGE Rubbermaid container FULL of lemons and grapefruits. Seriously. It must weigh twenty pounds. And it is just a "little something" that our kids picked at Doug's house last weekend. Fantastic. And yes, my kids are swimming again. Our spring break tradition . . . the first swim of the year.
So, come on Summer. Give us your worst. We're ready. (But maybe wait until March is over if you don't mind too terribly.)


  1. Jealous...that it the only word I have for my feelings right now :)

  2. At any age they warm this grandmother's heart.


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