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Home At Last!!

I arrived home Saturday evening to an immaculately clean home that lasted for all of, ohhh, ten minutes. (Thanks, honey. Do you feel my pain now?) I am still working on getting over this horrible cold that I've been fighting all week. It's brutal. At least this week is SPRING BREAK so none of us have to get up super early. Hooray!! By "none of us" I here mean everyone but Brent. (Sorry, B.)

I've posted pictures of my murals on my design blog for all to see. Just click the crown link-y thing on the side bar that says "Click Here". Yeah, I'm wicked technical like that.

So, I've had a lot going on these past few weeks. We've had the Ward Primary Talent Show which my man emceed. Good times. Fun photos. I've also organized the most fabulous camp fundraiser in the history of camp fundraisers. In my humble opinion. The overall success of it remains to be seen, but we have earned nearly $900 of our $2500 goal in just the first day of taking orders. Expect posts and photos of all in the next few days. I've vowed to spend Spring Break catching up on my blogging. And to stop needing to blow my nose every ten seconds. And with this mediocre post under my belt, a glass of orange juice awaits.

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  1. Love the new design site. Your talent continues to amaze me. You know, if you ever wanted to come design something great for my house, you know, just so you could add it to your portfolio, I would be OK with that. :)

    We got that cold too. All five of us. It was a rough 2 weeks, but I'm happy to report it does eventually go away. Hopefully that day is soon for you.


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