My 3 Monsters: An Homage to Charles Dickens:

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An Homage to Charles Dickens:

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.
I have a son (who will remain nameless, but he's almost 9) who has fully embraced this famous opening to A Tale of Two Cities. No, he's never read that book. No, he has no idea what that even means. But EVERY SINGLE day of his life is the best day of his life AND the worst day of his life. And his view point changes like that (I just snapped my fingers . . . you didn't see or hear it, though). He wakes up and his skateboard shirt is clean. He's flying high. But when the CinnaGraham Honeycomb cereal is all gone, BOOM! Worst day ever. But wait. It's field day at school? Best. Day. Ever! Oh no. Vending machine (at the pool - Woo Hoo!) gave him Cheetos instead of Cheez-Its. Back at rock bottom. What's that, Tammy? He can have your chocolate chip cookies? Does life get better than this?! This morning marked the beginning of "The best day of my young life. For reals." because the video game he ordered on ebay might come in the mail today. That's right, I said might. I am fully prepared for the emotional devastation when he arrives home to find our mailbox full of bills and not video games. It's OK, really, because if the right episode of Arthur is on we'll be right back on top of the world. No wonder he falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow every night. It is exhausting to live like that. Where does he get this quirky little character flaw?! (Mom, you can keep your opinions to yourself.)

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  1. Ry is the EXACT same way. I have NO idea where he got it from.


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