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I Need a Wife!

For the record, Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints proper) DO NOT practice polygamy. We don't. Really. But if we did . . . I've been telling Brent for years that I need a wife. Someone to do the laundry and the grocery shopping. And while she's at it, maybe she could clean the bathrooms and cook. (I know that's not how it really works, but in my mind it is.) He remains unconvinced. But this week I have fallen in love. Brent, if you decide to come around, this is who I want. Even if all she agreed to do was cook, erm, bake for us. We could find someone else to do all those other things. I'm just putting it out there . . .

(P.S. Kristen, I'll always be at least one step behind you in the kitchen.)


  1. Have you seen her 12 layer cake? I may attempt a 13 layer cake for Kennedy's upcoming voyage into teenagedom. We'll see.

  2. I love Bakerella! Have you seen her Hello Kitty cake pops? Adorable!! And, I totally hear you on the needing a wife thing.

  3. Seriously? You have it more together than ANYONE I know!
    BTW: I made 2 of Bakerella's cake recipes - and both were not soo tasty... she is an amazing decorator - but baker, not so much.
    (sorry to burst your dream wife bubble) Besides, if you get a new wife, we are all going to want to one. It's just how those things work.

  4. I like Bakerella as well... so fun. And I guess we're a bit ambiguous of late on our polygamy practices... so I wouldn't rule out Bakerella being part of the Gregson clan in the next life! Best of luck with that :).


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