My 3 Monsters: Say Goodbye to the Ugly Choppers

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Say Goodbye to the Ugly Choppers

One week from Tuesday I will fulfill one of my longest, fondest dreams. Even more than my wedding, this is the day I have dreamed of and played over and over again in my imagination since I was pretty young. I'M GETTING MY FRONT TEETH FIXED!!! As many of you know I endured the emotional and physical pain of adult braces a few years ago. (OK, it wasn't really that bad, but I'm setting a scene here . . .) They came off nearly two years ago. My teeth were straight. But still ugly. And with a fun new black spot on my big old front tooth. Ugly. Since I'm not too much influenced by my vanity, I have lived with it. After the $3000 braces I couldn't justify anymore dental expenses right away. But, I've been working pretty hard lately and our tax return was bigger than we expected and so, with my dear husband's blessing, it's time. Zoom whitening and new crown, here I come!! I'll spare you the before pictures (really, you're welcome), but you best believe there's gonna' be some after shots. Mark your calenders, friends.


  1. Congratulations, Amy! Can't wait to see the after shots. You have been working hard!

  2. After you get this done you should be a tooth model. I'll look for your chompers biting into a piece of Sara Lee cheesecake or a Haagen Daas ice cream bar on TV. I bet you could make some nice cash.


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