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Identity Crisis

OK folks, readers of this blog, you are among my most respected peers and loved ones. Even those of you I don't personally know are welcome to voice an opinion, because, clearly, if you're reading this on a regular basis you have impeccable taste. I am at a bit of a cross-roads in life. I am leaving my job at the gym so I can put my heart and soul (what's left of it after my family is cared for) into my knew painting venture. I probably need to register, figure out the whole home-business tax thing, and . . . DECIDE ON AN IDENTITY!!! There are two concepts I'm considering and they represent polar opposite sides of my personality. Here they are, in business card form. Give me your HONEST opinions. I will not be offended.

Option 1: To me this says classy, artsy, pretty. I love it. It's the direction I'm kind of currently headed, I think. But I don't know if it's really speaks to what I do. Brent says, and don't let this influence your opinion, that when he sees this design he thinks more of faux finishes than murals. Ick! That is NOT what I want to do.

Option 2: A different take on what I do. A (very) little bit edgier. And I love it, too! What is graffiti anyways besides painting on walls?! And the "Suburban" aspect makes it softer . . . kinder . . . friendlier. And the best response I've received to date is to my graffiti murals. Not that I want to be known for that. Or do I? (Obviously I would change the name of my design blog to match if I went with this option. I wasn't thinking this afternoon.)

So . . . if you needed a mural painted, which Amy G would get your business? I expect EVERYONE who reads this post to leave a comment. No holds barred. Love one, hate the other? Cool! Love the concept, hate the execution? Cool! Got a better idea? Cool (and I flippin' love you)! Hate 'em both? Cool! I'm a big girl. I can take it. I just can't decide on my own.


  1. I love the second one. Faux finishes, yucky poo poo. Brent

  2. Shoot! I don't know...
    I think the first one is nice - but it "blends". Not so Stand Out. But more professional.

    I love the concept of the second one - but not so much a fan of the design. I think you should showcase some of your work ON the card. My aunt (the photographer) does business cards with a photo as the card and the type over it. I probably have one of my brother's laying around someplace...
    YOUR ART WILL SELL PEOPLE! You are amazing - show it off!

    But I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the "Suburban Graffiti" concept.

    Greg says "ditch the bird".

    Congrats on taking this HUGE step! I love it! Let me know what I can do to help -

  3. Tough, tough choice. I wouldn't be able to decide either. I love the classy nature of card #1 (and I don't think of faux finishes), but I agree with Tammy, not as stand out (there seems to be a familiar feel to it). Card #2 is awesome, but I also suggest changing the bird to some of your other artwork. Maybe you should take a picture of the inside of your closet and use that for a background. I love that closet. I want that closet.

  4. ALSO . . . these are just ideas I found pre-designed on the Vista Print web site so don't worry if you hate the artwork. It's not mine. This identity thing is in the very preliminary stages. But I have to say -- I like that bird. Whatever. It IS more of a tattoo design than a graffiti design.

  5. I hate to be useless, but I like them both. Seriously. I guess it depends on who you're marketing to... and it seems like the second design would be best for that (?!?). I am not one to ask on these topics.

    Mostly I wanted to comment to say congrats and let you know I'm very impressed. You are so talented... very exciting!!

  6. For what it's worth: I don't think the first one says faux finishes. However, I think the 2nd might scare off older (richer) clients...with the whole graffiti theme going on (?). Personally, I like them both but what will you clientele demographics be? Younger and hipper or older and more conservative? Could you come up with a middle ground? I don't have any ideas of what that might be, but just a thought.

  7. OK, so I have been pondering this for a few days to try to give a coherent response. I like both the cards. I like the design on the first one better, but I LOVE the title "Suburban Graffiti". I'm all about words, you know. I understand that this title goes better with the second set of artwork, so I am a little at a loss for what to suggest. I do like the idea of including your artwork as the background. I second the closet idea - that closet background is beautiful. And the monochromatic with black might be cool as a business card...
    By the way - congrats on going for it on you business - you are going to do so great! I think it is awesome that you are moving on from the gym job and really diving in.

  8. I am sooooo impressed with your work. I agree with Tammy and Greg--ditch the bird and showcase some of your work--like the tween room! I like the "amy g" wording alot too. What about "amy g's Suburban Graffiti"? Just a thougt. You are amazing is my main thought and impression.
    Oh, and I love the teeth also.

  9. I think the first one is lovely. Classy, smart. Doesn't really showcase the kind of work you have been doing. Love the name Suburban Graffiti. Don't get the bird. Had a weird idea when I was up in the middle of the night with the baby...what if you painted "Suburban Graffiti" onto a wall or board (to showcase your style) and took a picture of it, then put text on top of the photo. Anyway, I don't know anything about design. I know you're very talented though. Congrats on becoming "official".

  10. Cynthia,
    That is exactly what I was thinking myself!!! It's like we share a brain. Now, if I ever find time to do that I'll post photos for further scrutiny.

  11. I love Cynthia's idea! It would be perfect (and more time consuming). I also like the idea of the closet photo with Suburban Graffiti, to me it seems to be edgy and yet something I could covet and want you to paint in my house. Oh wait, I already do!


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