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My "baby" is being baptized this weekend.  Lots of our family are coming to visit.  Lots of things in our house are in need of repair.  They have been since the last time we did a general fix-up before Riley's baptism.  A year and a half ago.  Why do we do that?  Why do we live with the towel bar dangling from one end, the other having been ripped from the drywall when one of my precious children decided to try some chin-ups? Just dangling there for years when it really only takes a few minutes to fix.  Why the unpainted pantry door for six months?  Why the nicks in the paint on the dining room wall for so long when it just takes moments to swipe a little fresh paint over them?  Why has there been a fork in the bottom of my dirty oven for almost a year?  OK, the fork is because I only remember it's in there when the oven is hot.  But, hello, my oven is self-cleaning.  Why is it dirty?! Why is it not always a sparkling beacon in my sometimes dreary kitchen?   And why, why is my kitchen so dreary?  Why haven't I replaced the light over my cook top sooner?  Why does it take my parents and in-laws coming to shame me into wiping down my white, but filthy doors and cabinets? 

I think my house is, generally, clean.  I really try.  Am I the only one who lets the little details slide until someone else is coming to town?  Please say it's not just me.  Maybe if I "detailed" my home more often I'd have time to blog in the week before we hosted visitors.  As it is . . . fuhgeddaboudit!


  1. For me it took a babyshower last weekend for me to 'detail' the house (yep paint and all). Parents are coming in a month - I really need to start on the upstairs NOW> it will take a whole month to make it acceptable...
    We're all there with ya babe!

  2. Please believe me when I say I COMPLETELY understand!! Every time I host a baby shower or book club I spend the 2 weeks beforehand organizing my shelves, clearing the fireplace mantle of clutter, scrubbing the kitchen floor grout, and madly finishing (sometimes starting) various home improvement projects. It's stressful, but a good motivator too. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this!!


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