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A Good Cause

This is what we did last weekend.  We made "treasure boxes" of school supplies to be distributed locally  to teachers in need through Treasures 4 Teachers.  We went to the store as a family and let loose on the school supply aisle.  I've always loved buying paper and scissors and crayons and such.  Oh, and pens . . . especially pens.  It's an(other) odd little obsession of mine.  Then we came home and all the kids wrote the nicest notes while I wrapped.  "Thank you for this opportunity," wrote D, my second grader as Ri etched out his sentiments in his best cursive.  Sydney bopped away, listening to her iPod while Brent cracked jokes and tried to guess which ribbon I was going to use with each paper.  Such a fun Saturday afternoon.

(The fact that it also counts for Disney's "Give a Day, Get a Day" program didn't hurt either . . .  Disneyland for fall break again?  Don't mind if we do!) 

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  1. OOOOO! We should all go together - maybe we can get free tickets too!


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