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Happy Valentines Day

I love Valentines Day.  Brent doesn't really care for it.  That's OK.  I understand his reasons.  He really DOES try to make me feel special every day. So no, he doesn't have to feel pressured to spend a fortune this ONE day, chosen at random, to keep up with every other husband/boyfriend/significant other in America.  He's usually already way ahead.  But I still like to celebrate it so I take this opportunity to dote on our children.  They're really very nice children, as children go.  This year I tried my hand at fortune cookies.  They're pretty easy once you get the hang of it, and way more delicious than the ones you get at restaurants.  I made mine giant (about 4 inches -- the scale is hard to see in the photo) and put fortunes customized to each child in theirs.  I also stole those cute iPhone valentines from a fun crafty blog and customized them in Gimp.  (For the record, I also "stole" those Chinese take-out boxes from Pei Wei.  Just because Brent and I didn't have any Vietnamese Caramel Chicken left over to bring home doesn't mean we can't have a couple of boxes, right?) So, Happy Valentines Day one and all!  If you are reading my random ramblings, I love you.


  1. Too cute! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

    Did Cassie get anything for Valentine's Day?? :-)

  2. Cassie got to eat all the broken pieces as I was figuring things out last night. She probably ended up with more fortune cookie than my kids!

  3. I have not visited the "Blog of Amy" in a few days and MAN was I missin' out!
    Everything is wonderful! I am totally watching for plates/candle sticks at my future Goodwill trips - I've gotta have one of those!
    I can't wait to see that dinning set in person - sooo perfect!
    And the valentine treats SCREAM "Amy is amazing!!!"
    You are my American Idol baby!

  4. Do I smell "Mom of the Year Award?" :) Adorable, please adopt me!


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