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Rules of the Road

Every family needs rules as they go through life's journey together.  It's my humble opinion that children thrive with rules by which to govern themselves.  Rules created in mutual agreement, for the good of the family in total.  Unchanging general guidelines by which to judge their life choices.  I'm a firm believer.  I made this canvas for our home this week as a gentle, loving reminder of our rules.  This in stark contrast to the our old rules, scrawled on a poster board with a Sharpie in true Moses-like fashion (a la the Ten Commandments) in angry response to a violent disagreement between my then six year old daughter and four year old son wherein one got a door slammed on his fingers.  Those rules included such things as "Mom and Dad are the boss.  The ONLY boss!  Children are NOT the boss."  and,  "Bedroom doors are a privilege, not a right!"  I'm a little calmer now.  And a lot more humble.  So our rules focus on the positive behaviors we would like our children to develop.  Things that, for the most part, we see them doing on a regular basis.  Things that we can all strive for as a family.  Things like:  ask first; say thank you; use kind words; be the bigger person; say your prayers; share everything (except bad ideas); act responsibly; be respectful; choose wisely; encourage your siblings . . . share in their joy; clean up after yourself; and count your blessings.  I considered also adding "Wear pants in the common areas of the house", but decided some dirty laundry isn't meant to be aired.  You're welcome.

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  1. You can make all the rules you want, I still don't think Brent is going to wear pants in the common areas.


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