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A Mind Like a Steel Trap

This is a page out of a book written by my Ri in first grade as a tribute to me for Mother's Day.  Nothing gets by this kid.  Not. One. Single. Thing.  In this same book he also wrote about how we like to eat pizza from Pizza Hut together, and go to Taco Bell together, and shop for food together, just he and I.  Oh man . . .  It's maybe too painfully accurate a picture of my life.  He somehow failed to mention, however,  that this was the year I trained for and ran a half marathon.  Maybe that's why I was so tired and hungry all the time.  Just putting that out there for discussion. 

Also, that same description is still apropos . . . nice and tired.  Yep, that just about sums it up today.

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  1. When Kennedy and her Sunbeam class did sharing time years ago, they shared their feelings about their moms. She said her mom, "Liked to clean the house all day and then invite people over". Yes, those were the days when I was much more preoccupied with being tidy and "presentable" all the time. Now, I'm much more lax. Wish I could go back and relive those years...too much time spent worrying about how the house looked. :D Sometimes the truth (that our kids are quick to see and point out) hurts!


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