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The Big Weekend!

Yeah, I know.  That picture does no one any favors.  But it was a wonderful day and I'm working on being less critical of myself so . . . it is what it is.  One of my favorite traditions in this ward is that they have all the guests at the baptism write a special note to the child who is getting baptized.  They are always fun to read through later.  Dylan has a big, close group of friends from Primary who attended his baptism and they wrote some of the sweetest notes.

I just love that these rough and tumble little kids have such tender hearts underneath it all.  We are so blessed to have such good friends here.  We also feel really blessed that so many members of our families made the effort to be here for D's special day.  You don't get much luckier than we are.


  1. I LIKE your bangs:) I think they look great! Congrats to Dylan and I'm glad it was a wonderful day.

  2. I remember when you bought that yellow jacket! It's just as cute as it was 2 years ago, as are you. What a wonderful event. Congrats to D, and to his parents for raising a great kid who makes good choices.

  3. It was a grand day! My favorite moment was when D gave Zach a 'gun click' hello while up at the pulpit. (You know, the point with the thumb in the air with a little wink) LOVE THAT KID! Greg made the comment that he looks just like you - I thought (especially in that moment) he was Brent's Mini-Me!
    Life is definatly better with Dylan in it!

  4. Congrats Dylan! Wish we could have been there to celebrate!
    Amy, you are too hard on yourself! Look on the bright side, at least you didn't have to wear the white jumpsuit ;)


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