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One Year Ago . . .

. . . I was happily preparing to go on a week-long cruise to Mexico.  NOT stressing about teaching a class or cleaning up dog vomit.  Those were happier times.


  1. Why oh Why did we decide NOT to go this year? Baby-Shmaybe...

    I NEED A VACAY! My To-Do list is growing by the minute, Greg is swimming in work troubles, WE NEED to get away!!!

    WE NEED THE CRUISE! It restores our sanity.

  2. BTW. I am still sitting here daydreaming - staring at our picture, remembering the 'free-ness' that it brought.
    Just the memory is refreshing! Thanks for sharing! :)
    Daydreaming is over - gotta go make Mexican food for the Blue & Gold...


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