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Soothing Frazzled Nerves

I'm nervous about teaching at Women's Conference on Saturday.  Really nervous.  I'll be fine.  I'm prepared.  But the anticipatory jitters are killing me.  So I decided to craft to take my mind off of it all.  And because I wanted to make something really cute to decorate my table with on Saturday.
Do you like it?!  I think it's beautiful.  (If I do say so myself.)  It's a combo of two ideas I stole from Amy at The Idea Room and Lindsay at Living With Lindsay.  I had an old copy of The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood that I got at Goodwill for a quarter one time.  I had intended at the time to read it . . . I guess now if a situation ever comes up where I need to be divinely inspired by the Ya-Ya's secrets I'll just have to rent the dvd.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it after Saturday, but it served it's purpose today.


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  2. I still am not getting your pictures. I am missing out on tables and crafts. I am sure it was amazing!

  3. I LOVE it! As for the Ya Ya's - the book is too inappropriate even for me! I loved the movie but man was that book foul... This is a much better purpose for these pages!!!


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