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On Parenting . . .

My friend Shiela is having her third baby right now.  RIGHT NOW!  I'm so excited for her and her little family.  And I'm really, really glad it's her and not me.  It's an exciting thing, this parenting.  The giving and shaping of human life.  Exciting and challenging and heartbreaking and difficult and, at the end of the day, completely lovely. New babies are so full of unadulterated potential.  You have NO IDEA what they are going to become or how they will become it.  Will they show grace under pressure or will they kick and scream their way through it all?  Will they fight you tooth and nail, questioning every single word that rolls off your parental tongue or will they humbly, trustingly follow you to the ends of the Earth?   Even now, at ages eight, nine and eleven my children still have some of that "newness" about them.  I feel like I know so much about them, based on our shared experiences, but where they go from here is anyone's guess.  I know what they have become to date and what they can ultimately, eternally become.  But there's a lot of living to be done between here and there.  Every single day is a wonder and a mystery.  Not that I always see it that way.  But if I did . . . if I really tried . . . what a joy this journey could be.  I've been reading the book Parenting the Strong-Willed Child by Kevin Hinckley.  It was given to me with a wink and a nudge from my parents who have a fantastic sense of humor.  Because really, isn't strong-willed the kindest way to describe some of my children's antics?  Truth be told, I had been looking at that book for months, thinking about purchasing it.  It is really giving me an interesting perspective into what I can do as a mom to nurture these feisty children of mine into greatness.   Greatness that has nothing to do with the size of their salary or their rank and standing in the world.   Greatness that has everything to do with integrity and kindness.  Greatness that they will pass on to their children someday.

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  1. Inspiring... I love your definition of greatness! It is amazing to think of their potential. All I am focusing on right now is getting some poop in the potty and wiping very snotty noses. I think I need a perspective shift!


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