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Sometimes we women, Mormon women in particular, try to juggle too much.  We try to be all things to all people.  We really want to.  We keep adding in balls.  And when we do, we inevitably drop one here or there.  We don't want to, but we're only human running at such a frenzied pace that we loose track of a thing or two.  Like having the wrong date printed on the Women's Conference invitations of which you were in charge.  All 450 of them.  And then distributing them to the entire Stake.  With the wrong date.  Because you forgot to fix it like you said you would.  Moments like that are, at first, humiliating.  I just wanted to die when I realized my mistake.  And then again when the woman in charge of the conference called me this afternoon.  I'm still sick about it now.  She's not mad.  No one is mad.  We're just doing what we can at this point to mop up the figurative spilled milk.  No crying.  Well, maybe a little bit on my part. 

And, while I'm still a little humiliated, I'm also a little grateful.  Grateful for the reminder that I'm human and that I need to slow down a little bit.  Grateful for the reality check.  Grateful for the self awareness that no, no I cannot speak at a baptism, host a boatload of family, keep a spotless house, make hand-crafted gifts for baby showers, bake six batches of homemade bread and twelve dozen mini-cupcakes, shop for and create a custom vintage cake stand, sew curtains (and otherwise spruce up my home decor), shampoo my carpets, watch the latest episodes of Lost and Project Runway, start working on Girl's Camp with it's associated meetings, attend Presidency Meeting, do my monthly Visiting Teaching visits, file my taxes AND do Women's Conference invitations all in the same five day stretch.  At least I can't do all those things well.  Or error-free.  Nor should I expect that of myself. 

But what do you give up?!  I really, really wanted to do each and every one of those things.  It's hard for me to know where to draw the line.  But draw I must because I'm not going to make a fool of myself like that again.  OK, who are we kidding?  Of course I am.  But not intentionally and not soon.

Oh, and if you live in my stake, Women's Conference is on February 27th.  Not the 20th.  Thanks!


  1. I feel like I'm making more and more mistakes like that as I get older. I NEVER did that when I was younger and with smaller children. But now, as I get busier because my kids are getting busier and there are more things to think about, I make more mistakes than ever. Darn! I tell Jeff, "I'm losing it" all the time.

  2. BTW - I hope you'll be sharing your custom cake stand idea. I LOVE cake stands.

  3. Kris Olmstead is my mentor in this area. She ACTUALLY says, "No". Shocking right? She has said it to me a few times when I called and asked for help with something.

    Wanna know the MOST shocking part of it? I didn't think, "she sucks" or "how rude". I thought - Holy Cow! Why can't I do that? Why can't I just politely decline and say, "Sorry, my plate is just too full right now. I'd love to help, but I just can't this time."

    Her plate is full! Do you know how many times MY plate was full and I just added to it without regard for my own sanity?

    We all do it girlfriend. (except maybe Kris) Wanna know what I heard about those invitations? I heard that they were absolutely adorable handmade invitations. That's it. Haven't seen them yet - but I am sure they are out-of-this-world cute. Pretend that THEY just changed the date AFTER you made them and POOF all guilt goes away! It's all in the presentation baby! :)

    I love you and your SUPER CUTE new bang trim (really, I didn't notice). Keep smiling - it can only get better! Pedi's on Tuesday!

  4. Your forgot to add the "celebrate" sign to your list of things to do before all arrive. It was all awesome, even the 'bangs" I thought they were cute. Okay, let's see what I've forgotten - wrong time to "Phanton of the Opera" and had friends flying in for it - told them wrong time - they will be arriving too late to see it. Show up wrong day to "Beauty and Beast" - it was the week prior. And on and on and on.... We has a wonderful visit - is Brent feeling better?

  5. Thanks, friends, for all your words of encouragement. I love you all! Ann, Brent is doing a bit better. He stayed home from church yesterday and is home from work today. A few good days of sleep will probably do the trick.


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