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Battle of the Wall Paper

Brent and I love to laugh, but more than that we love to make each other laugh. Several years ago I began a running joke that continues today. He was swooning from a man-crush on Orlando Bloom as Legolas in Lord of the Rings. Unbeknownst to him, I replaced the lovely photo of our children with a spicy pic of Orlando as our desktop wall paper. He laughed. A lot. Then, every couple of days (just when he thought it was over) I would switch it up and find a newer, spicier photo of Orlando. Good times. The fun eventually faded (as so often happens in a marriage of significant length) and the lovely children found their way back to the desktop. Until a few months ago. I thought it was high time we revive the fun. And I'm not opposed to beating a dead horse. I put an even newer, even spicier pic of O-dog on the desktop.
He enjoyed the joke, but I could tell his laughter had a ring of condescension. "How sad that she couldn't think of anything new," he must have been thinking. He always thinks he's the funniest! So, to kick things up a notch, I changed it to a picture of his latest man-crush, Jason Bourne. Ha HA!
He took the bait and surprised me with this beauty of my man-crush. Ooh la la.

I almost hated to switch it, but in the name of humor, I replaced it with this hot number of Kevin James. (Brent is often told that he reminds people of the king of Queens. It's pretty true, you know.)
Well, this image has been sitting on my desktop for weeks. As much as I enjoy old K.J. , if I have to look at that man again I am going to scream. But I'm stuck. What can I replace it with?! HELP!!!!!!!


  1. I am so excited about your blog!! Love it! Blogging is way addicting. I will be thinking of someone to put up. I am sure you will think of someone though : )

  2. I'm thinking you need to go vintage... like the baby picture of Brent that we all enjoyed mocking in our "ugliest kid" contest at BYU. That or anyone wearing Erik Tennant Pants, that will get his heart thumping. :)

    By the way, I'm soooo excited that you are blogging! I love to read other people's blogs and marvel at how cute, fun, clever, and intelligent my friends and their kids are. :)

  3. i'm liking the baby picture idea. I knew my friends were smart. (And just in case Brent's family is reading, we all nominated our OWN pictures for this fun contest. We were laughing WITH him, not at him.)

  4. I'm not sure where to leave this comment to ensure that you'll get it (though I just read all your posts). You're blogging! Wa-hoo!!! As much as I want you to blog, I have no doubt that your blog will end up winning prizes or being published in a book or something... and I'll be even more jealous of your amazing skill set(s).

    I demand (that's an order, young lady) lots of pictures of your interior designing and your recipes. Offspring's good, too. :)


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