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The Trifecta

I have a new goal in life. And it's a good one, too. Last Wednesday for early release day Riley had a friend come over to play. He stayed from 12:30 until his dad got off work at 5:30. It was no big deal -- he's a great kid. Here's what got me thinking . . . this kid's older brother also went over to a friend's house that afternoon leaving mom at home ALONE for a whole afternoon. Ooh la la. Then on Friday Riley had a friend sleep over. This kid only has one older sister and I thought, "Wow! If his parents could have farmed her out for the evening it would have been almost as good as a vacation for them." Which lead me to my new goal. I call it The Trifecta. All three of my children sleeping over at their respective friends' houses on the same night. It will be difficult, to be sure, since we are pretty choosy about who we will do sleepovers with, but I believe it is possible. And just the thought of that bright, shiny victorious evening will be enough to get me through many, many ordinary old days. I'm a believer!

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  1. Good luck with the Trifecta plan. We are so, so far away from such things. Although . . . I do have sisters to trade overnighters with. Hmmmmmmmm . . .


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