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Happy Birthday Brent!

In honor of my husband's 36th Birthday, here (in no particular order) are 36 reasons why I love this guy:
  1. He's nice. He's kind. Yes, he's nice and kind. (Kids, thanks for the help.)
  2. He has as much gray hair as I do.
  3. He's funny.
  4. He's comfortable to be around.
  5. He likes my cooking.
  6. He's inappropriate, but rarely crosses the line. Anymore.
  7. He thinks I'm pretty.
  8. I think he's pretty darn handsome.
  9. He comes from a great family.
  10. He gets up with the kids at night.
  11. He takes care of his family.
  12. He pulls his weight (and then some) around the house.
  13. He laughs at my (lame) jokes.
  14. He makes his own lame jokes. Over and over again. ("Maybe you should take the car instead of running to the store." Har har har.)
  15. He taught me everything I know about doing a crossword puzzle well.
  16. He is competitive with me.
  17. He supports my (sometimes silly) goals. Run a half marathon?! Sure, you can do it.
  18. He measures his success by the happiness of his wife and children, not the model year of his car or the zeroes on his paycheck.
  19. He has just enough zeroes on his paycheck to keep us comfortable.
  20. He's young at heart.
  21. He smells nice.
  22. He's good at Sudoku. (From, Sydney)
  23. He makes phone calls for me when I really need him to.
  24. He kindly encourages me to make my own phone calls. (I have a bit of anxiety about that.)
  25. He's a family man.
  26. He always has an opinion about home decorating projects. And he never fails to remind me that he took Design 101, too.
  27. He's smart.
  28. I feel safe when he's around.
  29. He's always looking for ways to help others.
  30. He has a strong testimony and faith in the Lord.
  31. I've never had a better, more devoted friend.
  32. He dislikes clutter.
  33. He's proud to be a Canadian.
  34. He likes to shop for shoes. (Many a date night have been spent at DSW.)
  35. He keeps things in perspective.
  36. He shares his opinions with sometimes reckless abandon. And people STILL like him. (He gets away with saying things that most people wouldn't even dream of.)

So, there you have it. I married a great guy. I'm a lucky, lucky girl. And don't be jealous that I'll be eating that delicious trifle with my handsome husband tonight. Nanny, nanny, boo, boo!


  1. Happy Birthday to Brent. We are very glad you are a part of our family. Thank you for taking good care of our daughter and our grandchildren. We love you. Amy, would you please pass this on to Brent. Thanks.

  2. Brent,
    Happy birthday! You are sooooooo old. Love, the Bradshaws

  3. Happy Birthday Brent! I've always liked Brent... not that I know him THAT well (it was just one time... in college), but he's a top-notch guy, by all accounts. You married well.


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