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Submitting Cheerfully

So, this blogging thing is new and fun. I'm probably not always going to be posting every day. Anyway . . . I've been doing some thinking lately (which hardly ever turns out well) and I've developed a new philosophy on life. Actually it's not "new" because I learned it from the Book of Mormon, but it's kind of new to me. I think "The Secret" is a load of crap. (Sorry to those of you who are fans. I had a long uncomfortable conversation about this with the girl who cut my hair a while back who believes The Secret like a religion.) I guess "load of crap" is a little strong. I just think it's not entirely true, and not at all a secret. My new philosophy is called "Submitting Cheerfully". I have wasted so much time in life wishing I was _________. (Older, younger, thinner, smarter, cuter, funnier, richer, free-er, insert your wish here.) It's just so dumb. All my wishing and worrying didn't get me any closer to being any of those things. Nor did it get me farther away. (Here's where The Secret falls apart for me.) It just got me nothing. So, I decided to cheerfully submit to whatever is happening in life, each day. For instance, today: I stayed up too late last night waiting for Brent to get home from Guys Night Out and then had to get up at 5:45 to go to work at the gym. I could have complained about being tired or not wanting to go to that stupid job. I could have complained about why Brent even needs Guys Night Out when he has me right here at home. I would have complained . . . BEFORE. But today I just got up, showered, found matching socks for all the kids and did what had to be done. With a smile on my face. A genuine smile. Because I wasn't wasting energy wishing today were different I was able to just be happy about having TODAY. Plus, it's Friday so that REALLY helps. Anyway, this is probably just the anti-anxiety meds talking, but it is good to be me right now.

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  1. This is a wonderful philosophy for life. I will try to take your example to heart and learn from you. This will find it's way into a lesson of mine sometime soon. Keep up the blogging. Love you.


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