My 3 Monsters: Sleeping Through the Night, or "He had the catfish, too," and Other Night Time Confessions

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Sleeping Through the Night, or "He had the catfish, too," and Other Night Time Confessions

So, talking to Brent's mom for mother's day we learned that or newest nephew, Shaw, is already sleeping through the night. At, like, three weeks. Jeff and Kristen, those lucky dogs! Got me thinking about Brent. That poor man has not slept through the night in about ten years. Between Dylan's night terrors, Riley's blood sugars, Sydney's occasional bad dreams, and my ability to sleep through anything, he has had his work cut out for him. I've pleaded with him time and time again to just kick me so I wake up when one of the kids goes off in the night, but he's too much of a gentleman to do it. I realized that he really had it bad when, a couple nights ago, I woke myself up talking in my sleep. I was dreaming about riding in a car with my mom and my brother, Casey. We passed a restaurant which mom loved and Casey hated. Diplomatic as I always try to be I said, "The one thing I learned is to never eat the catfish at that place." Mom asks Casey what he had eaten there and I replied, exuberantly, "HE HAD THE CATFISH, TOO!" At that point I realized that I was speaking aloud. In the real world, not the dream world. I quickly rolled over and went back to sleep, hoping that Brent hadn't heard. No such luck. I've since been wondering what else I have revealed to him in my unconscious state. And what restaurant we were talking about, because I don't typically frequent establishments that serve catfish. And I'm damn sure I've never ordered it. Maybe for father's day I should just check us all into a sleep disorder clinic and solve this problem once and for all. I love that man for all he puts up with.

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