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School's Out For Summer

Today was the last day of school for the monsters and, yes, my baby "graduated" from kindergarten. He looked so sweet walking across the makeshift stage in his paper cap and accepting his certificate for practicing the life skill of friendship. (He got to choose what his award would be.) It nearly brought a tear to my eye. He has struggled a little bit this year finding his place in school. His teacher just doesn't "get" him the way I do and he's really shy around people he doesn't know well. It has been fun to see him grow and overcome those obstacles this year. I watched how excited the kids were to see him (he was sick yesterday and missed school) when we arrived and how all the little boys wanted to sit right next to him on the "rainbow lines". Even his teacher gave him a great big hug before we left. It did my heart good. So, here's to summer break! Here's to sleeping in (on the days we don't work), hanging out at the pool, and soaking up some sun. Here's to bonding with my kids for the next 8 weeks. (And here's to going back on August 4th!) Lovin' it!
Dylan with classmate Katie and Mrs Foster, his teacher.

Dylan with his friend, Brock.

Riley with his friend, Aiden.

Sydney with her gaggle of friends.


  1. Wow! You guys are out of school already. You are so lucky. We are not out until June 12.

  2. Same with us, we've got 3 weeks left. Enjoy your summer! I am with you on the kindergarten graduation, although for me it's my oldest. Time flies, huh?

    Your kids are sooooo adorable, by the way. They look EXACTLY like you and Brent, a perfect combo!!


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