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OK, It's Also About the Kids.

We also love summer here in Arizona because of the water parks. The kids and I can go hang out here all day for, I kid you not, $3. Not $3 each, $3 TOTAL. It is too much fun. They love the lazy river and the "toilet bowl" best. Yes, the toilet bowl. (Some people call it a vortex or a whirlpool. Not my kids.) Good times. The city heats the water for spring break so we have already taken advantage of this little perk. Guaranteed we'll go back, and soon. Summer in the desert really isn't as bad as you all may be thinking.

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  1. We keep driving by the water park eagerly waiting for water..and hoping it will open soon. They did put the chairs out this week. It is a good sign! $3 is amazing. Lucky!


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