My 3 Monsters: A Monster is Born
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A Monster is Born

Yesterday I was reminiscing and I think I can pinpoint the exact day that our eldest child became a monster. (And you simply must know that monster is really a term of endearment in our home, much like stinky and poopy. Quirks, you know.) She was just a baby, couldn't have been older than 14 months, and we were driving in the car on a Saturday afternoon. I recall leaving IKEA and Brent asking if there was anything else we needed to do while we were out. Then the sweetest little voice came from the back seat, plain as day. Sydney said, "Go to Old Navy -- get new dress". It was so disarmingly precocious and altogether unexpected that we simply did what we were told. When we got home we looked at each other and said, "What have we done? We've created a monster." Actually, we've done that with all our kids. They are just like me and Brent in almost every way. They LOVE going out to eat and getting new clothes and they HATE cleaning the house. Yep, those is my kids. Riley got some new tennis shoes the other night and you would have thought it was Christmas come early. Same thing a few weeks ago when they got new summer shorts. (Who knew they still made Garanimals?!) Happiest kids in town. Weird. You may also recall when Riley got that Pokemon shirt at Goodwill in Vegas and we kept finding him up in his suitcase folding and refolding and just admiring it's general beauty. Double weird. Oh well, time to go decide where we're going out for dinner. (Kidding! Really . . . )

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  1. Love that story..I wish I could get to know Sydney better. The stories I have heard and her pictures remind me so much of you! I too have fond memories of my girlie barely able to walk but somehow able to sort through clothes at Children's place finding the perfect outfit. Daughters crack me up.


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