My 3 Monsters: Every fiber of my being is screaming NOOOOO!

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Every fiber of my being is screaming NOOOOO!

OK, so . . . . against my better judgement I am blogging. I, Amy G, am timidly stepping into to 21st century. I, who dream about being June Cleaver and vacuuming my living room in high heels and pearls, am trying to become a modern gal. We'll see how it goes. Aryn and Sarah, you're welcome. (And thanks for the kind words and encouragement . . . even June Cleaver appreciated a pat on the back sometimes, I bet.) Let me assure you that I am not fundamentally opposed to blogs. I read them. I enjoy them. I secretly have always wanted one. I have been resistant to the idea of blogging mostly because I don't really have anything to say. Also because I'm pretty sure (if my children are any indication) no one really listens to me anyway. With that said, my kids are pretty cool. I love them. They are always doing something ridiculous. And I flatter myself enough to think that everyone wants to hear about them. Thus . . . My 3 Monsters.
Enjoy. (Or don't -- I'll keep writing anyway.)

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