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You all know how I love to coupon. It's my dorky little hobby. It frustrates my children. (Why can't we just buy Lucky Charms RIGHT NOW for $4.00 a box?!) Brent won't go to the store for me unless it's a dire emergency. (He'd rather buy tampons or a pregnancy test for me, sans coupon, than buy orange juice with one.) But come on folks! If I can get ALL this for free why would I not do that? It's like printing my own money! So, this was my haul yesterday (and not even my best one ever). I did have to pay $12.00 for the 12 cards, but I can expense those to the church for my new (super secret until Sunday) calling, so really, it's free to me. And, yes, we are back on the soda. You all knew the clean living wouldn't last forever. We're limiting it now, kind of. Oh well. I'm lovin' the coupons!!!

Also, I found this really cool website: where you can edit photos through your web browser. I've been playing around and it's really fun. Check it out. Of course it's free!


  1. I am impressed with the coupon hobby. I want to be like that too. Also, we have the same FHE sign here too. The church is a small place.

  2. You need to share how you pull this off. I think of you and this coupon-ing often, and yet I am still buying the $4.00 box of cereal. Help?!


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