My 3 Monsters: Weekend Update
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Weekend Update

My weekend in five words:
  • camping
  • alchemy
  • cease and desist

Allow me to explain:

1. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the Father/Son camp out. They slept in their clothes, didn't brush their teeth, peed on the ground, and, judging by the looks of them when they arrived home, rolled around in the dirt. All of those things sound painfully awful to me, but you've never seen a happier group of males than my boys on Saturday morning.

2. I found Dylan sitting in the kitchen studying some rocks he had picked up in the front yard. I just had to ask what he was doing and he told me that he was trying to figure out how he could turn those rocks into golden nuggets. (Huh?) I told him that I might be able to help and found him a bottle of metallic gold craft paint and a brush. The mischievous gleam in his eye was almost blinding as he oh-so-carefully painted each of the rocks. Now he thinks that he is rich. A little harmless fun, I guess.

3. Riley no longer wants to be written about on this blog. At least not anything that will embarrass him. Which is EVERYTHING right now. He doesn't want funny things he says to be on the Internet where ANYONE can read about them. What is he thinking? Who does he think is going to be reading this?! He used to love being on the Top Ten lists we e-mailed out. This will probably be read by fewer people. (I know lots of folks humored me and read all this crap when it landed directly in their in box, but to make the effort to type in a web address . . . that's really asking a lot.) So, henceforth, when a story about him has potential for humor, I will refer to him as Two. Unless I forget and write Riley and then you'll all know that I meant to not use his real name, right?

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  1. Amy, your kids crack me up! And the "shatter the moon" comment... good stuff. (I've been w/out computer for a few days, making my way through your posts. Loving them :))


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