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Don't Spend It All in One Place . . .

I got home this morning from dropping Madam Vice President off at her student council meeting and decided to relish in my unearthly silent home on my one day off and sift through my stack of mail. Guess what I found. A big, fat check from the Superior Court of Arizona!!!!! And I thought jury duty was its own reward! Now I have all those happy memories and, AND, $16.02 to show for it. Soooooo . . . How shall I spend my windfall?! I could go get TWO pies. Or half of the pair of cheetah print pumps I was coveting at DSW. Or treat my sweet hunk of man-candy to lunch. Suze Orman would probably tell me to pay down debt. But she would also tell me to not make any rash decisions with it. Maybe I'll sit on it for a day or two and just enjoy my abundance. Ahhhh, I'm sittin' pretty today.


  1. I was going through winer coats in attempt to find the bottom of one of my closets. I found 8 bucks of cold hard cash. I quickly pocketed the money and threw the coat back in the closet and shut the door. Organizing closets can wait for another day right?

  2. I mean winTer coats...

  3. Yes, cleaning closets is definitely for girls who don't have 8 newly found dollars. I'm with ya.


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