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Hope for the Future

Today I have reason to hope that one day my two boys (born 18 months apart) will not be so fiercely competitive. Or maybe they always will be, but underneath it there is love. And compassion.

This morning we were changing out the insulin in Riley's pump as we have done every two days for the past . . . seems like forever. That means, ugh, another "poke" in his belly. He's brave as all get out, but he likes a hand to hold when it's going in. And guess what. Not mine. He'll holler out, "Dylan! I need you." and his little brother immediately drops what he is doing and comes to take his hand. They don't talk while it's happening. They barely acknowledge each other. Except for their little hands gripping so tightly that the knuckles are white. As soon as the insertion is done and Riley's fear subsides, he loosens his grip and Dylan goes back to whatever was going on before. Not a word spoken between the two of them. But I feel the volumes of love expressed in that little action.

I've seen this scene played out literally hundreds of times. Sometimes I'm the one "poking". Other times not. Today as I sat and watched from a distance as Brent carefully prepared the site and the boys clutched hands -- the three of them in their own little huddle -- I was touched. And I have hope.


  1. Seriouly, tearing up over here. What a sweet moment. Any way you can catch it on film w/o them noticing?

  2. I got a little teary myself! I love those boys!

  3. That is really a cute post. I love family closeness stories.


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