My 3 Monsters: Mural Painting: Day 1

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Mural Painting: Day 1

So, today I'm thinking I need to reconsider my latest get-rich-quick scheme.

I was awakened from the most beautiful, restful slumber at 5:15 this morning by some heinous 90's hit song on the radio alarm. At that point I was still excited about the prospect of my day . . . as a PROFESSIONAL mural painter! Got up, dressed, and hit the road at 6:15. Around 7:00 a.m., and north of Glendale on I-17 I needed to pee. Could've waited, really, but remembered I was headed for a CONSTRUCTION SITE. Gag at the idea of using a port-o-potty and pull off at McDonalds. Still excited about the prospect of my day . . . and the coupon for a free breakfast value meal in my purse. I enjoyed my McGriddle as I drove, arrived in Carefree at 7:20-ish, and set to work. I eagerly set up my ladder. My very own, brand new ladder. It is beautiful (and if it's not there tomorrow someone is going to die). I pulled the box of chalk out of my purse and realized I forgot my cell phone. No big, I hope. STILL excited about the prospect of my day, I began drawing my planned design on the wall in chalk. The graffiti design (get the hard stuff over first, right?) which has a couple of large (very large) circles in it. I'm standing on the ladder trying to draw one of these circles while descending step by step to get a smooth, proportioned curve. Ridiculous. I missed a step and fell flat on my back, but not before catching myself (kind-of) with my right hand. So, now my wrist is a teeny bit sore and I'm a little less excited about the prospect of my day, but I'm grateful that no one saw me fall. I climbed back up on that big old ladder (carefully) and worked for what felt like a very short time. I listened to the carpet installers laughing and speaking in Spanish in the next room. I wish I had learned more Spanish in school. I know just enough to get the impression that, at least for a moment, they were talking about me, but I can't tell if I should be flattered or offended. I chuckle at the parade of men who, in the course of their respective projects, stop and watch me work. Unfortunately I think they are mostly admiring my graffiti, not my glutes. Oh, to be young and cute again. Back at BYU these men would have found me irresistible. The Spanish speakers usually did, but I digress. I decided to take a break at what I believed to be 11:30. Ran out to the car to grab a snack and check the time -- 1:15!!! I needed to leave by 2:00 to get home to meet my kids after school. I hurried back inside to wrap up what I was working on, set my ladder in a (hopefully) safe location and got out my camera to take a photo for the blog . . . a work in progress type thing. But the batteries were dead. Just my luck. No more exciting prospects for this day. It's not until I'm driving home and the adrenaline-fuelled working rush wears off that I realize my hand REALLY hurts. From when I fell in the morning. Remember?

And here I sit tonight exhausted, with my sprained wrist all wrapped up, wondering what joys tomorrow will bring. And wondering if this is all going to be worth it in the end. Brent and my checkbook say yes. On a positive note, my mural looks fan-freaking-tastic. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're back in the blogging groove. I've missed your clever posts. I was enraptured by the play-by-play. Sorry to hear about your hand, but I have to admit I chuckled sympathetically because that's totally the kind of thing I would do!! Hello, hit by the tube in London!! Can't wait to see the pics. Oh, and I'm pretty sure the workmen WERE checking out your glutes, they were just pretending to be looking at the artwork... ;)


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