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Today I Was a Good Mom.

Other days, well, you read this blog . . . judge for yourself. But today I did good. I had to run out to take a look at a gym up in Scottsdale that is similar to the new one they're building. I invited Sydney to come along for the ride. We chatted. It was lovely. I took her out for a quick, cheap lunch then we went to Lowes to pick up paint chips for my presentation next week. Ross is right across the street and I needed new work pants (holes in the knees -- hazard of the job). We went over and tried on a few things just for fun. Then I needed to stop at Michael's for some vellum, again for my presentation next week. How is it possible that running my errands turned out to be such a pleasant day with my daughter? Hmmmm. If Dylan didn't have a fever of 103 that made us miss a fun evening with our friends, today might have been a perfect day.

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  1. I'm looking forward to the time when I can run "fun" errands (crafts, clothes) with Olivia and have it be a fun day for both of us. We've all earned nice mother/daughter moments, right? As of now she can only last a couple of stores before she's done. And by the way, you are a GREAT mom. :)


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