My 3 Monsters: "I'm feeling AWESOME today!"

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"I'm feeling AWESOME today!"

--Dylan, with a certain "thanks for asking" inflection, in response to my inquiry to Riley who had been ill the night before.

A few things struck me about this quote from my baby. First, I admire the "positivity" and exuberance. I can't remember the last time I would have used that particular word to describe the way I felt at 6:30 in the morning. More than that, though, I admire the way he just assumes everyone is talking to him. It was quite obvious that the idea of me caring about anyone else in our home had not crossed his mind. Or if it had, he surely felt like I would also want input from him. He feels secure in his value to our family and he feels . . . well . . . awesome about it. Good for him! I love to start my day with a good chuckle.

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