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Somebody PLEASE Tell Me What to Do!

Show of hands -- who watched the Vice Presidential debate last night? I recorded it because we had Riley's 3rd grade musical last night. (So cute. I'll post about that later.) I'm feeling even more indecisive now than I did after the first Presidential debate. Both sides made good points. Both contradicted one another's statistics enough to make me wonder if anyone ever tells the whole truth in Washington. Sarah Palin did quite a bit better than in her Katie Couric interview. (Yikes!!) I think what is bothering me is that she comes off too folksy for me. And don't get me wrong, I LIKE folksy. It makes her very attractive to me as a person. I can see that she would kick some major butt as PTA president or Relief Society president. I'd enjoy her as a neighbor, I think. Game nights? Forgetaboutit! Too fun. Listening to her talk about her own financial struggles reminded me of myself. But I don't want MYSELF as Vice President of the United States. I make poor financial choices. I get flustered and crack under pressure. I (embarrassingly) can't locate lots of world capitals on on unlabeled globe or name the leader of said country. I would make a pretty crappy VP. For some reason I don't want to be able to relate to my political leaders. I want them to be superior to me in every possible way. Do I think Obama and Biden fit that bill? Not especially either. Thus my indecision.

On a lighter note, I want that suit she wore last night. And were those RED PUMPS she was wearing?! I couldn't tell if they were red or if the red lights were reflecting off of shiny black. Believe me, I rewound and watched again a couple of times to figure it out. Either way, you go Governor Palin! She just sooo doesn't fit the mold of what we have come to expect from women in politics it's a little unsettling. At first. But the look definitely grows on you. Or me. Whatever. She looked fabulous!

Decisions, decisions!


  1. She DID look fabulous! and how old is her baby? All I know is that Obama and his lack of patriotic respect scare me more than the bull dog with lipstick!

  2. Kennedy and I think they're red pumps. I'm with ya on being confused. Jeff says with the war, Wallstreet crisis, politic craziness, greed and corruption...we're moving up to Canada. He's pretty fed up with this country (but I continually remind him that this country has been GOOD to him and to his family!)

  3. I'm sure you saw my diatribe on her looks... and I didn't have a problem with the way she looked at the debate. So I'm with you on that.

    I'm also with you on who to vote for... 100% undecided.


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