My 3 Monsters: Mural Painting: Day 2

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Mural Painting: Day 2

Cell phone: check. Batteries for camera: check. Remember to look at my feet while moving on ladder: check. So, today was a better day.

Top one is the finished half. Bottom is what's up for tomorrow. This is how far 15 hours of painting and 4 hours of travel will get you. Not to brag, but I can't get over myself drawing those amazing circles freehand. The yellow one even wraps a corner, folks. Who designed this crap?!
Anyway, and also not to brag again, but I have a boyfriend. He's laying the tile at the gym. He came to talk to me twice yesterday and four times today. He asked me to lunch. And dinner. He wants me. To paint the skate ramp in his back yard. He even speaks English. So, yeah, I still got it. I spent way too long today trying to get those dumb flames just right. They still aren't, but whatever. When the owner dropped in and LOVED it I moved on. I'm hoping to wrap this one up in the morning and start on some red velvet curtains in the children's viewing room. Painted curtains? It's silly. Whatever. I'm getting paid.


  1. Jeff says it looks ghetto fabulous and that you're a taggin' mama. They better be paying you some big bucks! It looks amazing!

  2. That looks terrific! I can't believe you could freehand and complete those circles in 15 hours. Amazing. Oh course you are a major hottie with lunch dates too. Does Brent read this? I'm thinking no. Great job Working Woman, just no more pumps on the ladder.


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