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Older and Wiser

Thanks to all involved in the fantastic birthday weekend I am just finishing up. For those of you in a hurry I will sum it up in 5 words: Taco Nights in Rodanthe. Opa! You may now be excused.

For those of you who find yourself with a little time on your hands, sit. Grab a drink. I'll explain. Our very best friends here in AZ all got together for a "Taco Night" at Mitch and Shiela's Friday night. Tammy brought the most delicious chocolate cake ever and in a few moments of reckless abandon Brent told Jamie to spank him and I told everyone to "Suck it". We're not proud of ourselves. After dinner the boys watched the kids so all us girls could go see Nights in Rodanthe. It was good -- typical Nicholas Sparks. I should have seen the tear jerker ending a mile away, but I didn't. I'm sure the book was better. Aren't they always?

Saturday morning Brent let me sleep in til 9:00. I can't remember the last time I did that, but I've been sick all week and it felt really good. He even got the kids all dressed and ready for their primary program practice and dropped them off after taking Sydney to buy a birthday gift for the party to which she had been invited. ALL ON HIS OWN, PEOPLE! Then, THEN, he spent the lion's share of the day CLEANING MY HOUSE! Because I had mentioned earlier in the week that I would appreciate that more than any other gift. Even the scanner, which will wait until Christmas. Ladies, the line to get a piece of THIS man forms behind ME. It was a typical busy Saturday, but he did take me out for dinner at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. Delicious. He went all-in for the new experience and ate hummus (even though he hates chick-peas) and lamb souvlaki. Oh my yummy!

So, I am older. Here's the wiser part. I'm not stressing about Halloween costumes this year! Sydney wants to be Hannah Montana. Fantastic. A couple months ago I found a long blond wig on sale for $5.00. The rest can come out of her closet. Done. Dylan wants to be a storm trooper. Fantastic. Brent found a Clone Trooper costume at Target on Saturday for $10.00. Close enough. D's thrilled. I'm done. Riley was going to be the difficult one. He couldn't decide. One day a nerd, the next day a wizard. I was losing my mind. Until he found an old, used Wolf Man costume at the ward costume exchange Saturday and fell in love. Fantastic. $0. I'm done.

Most of you know me well enough to know that in my younger, less wise days I totally revolted against prepackaged costumes. I found them so very offensive. I would have spent four times as much money and several days worth of my precious time sewing a Storm Trooper costume for my son -- with a soft-sculpted helmet -- oh, don't even get me started. (My firm resolve to simplify is wavering.) And a silver lame' dress for the little pop princess. With leggings and knee-high boots -- oh dear. And they would have looked stunning. I would have talked Ri into an equally expensive and difficult to construct costume. No way any kid of mine was going to wear a hand-me-down. How ridiculous I was! (No offense to those of you who are making beautiful costumes for your kids. I'm seething with jealousy on the inside.) This year I just don't have the time. And my kids couldn't care less one way or the other. Halloween will come and go as it always has. The kids will have fun. And I'll enjoy it, too.


  1. Glad you had a good birthday. Sorry there was no phonecall (we're not good with that) but did you see that you DID make my Week's Gratitude list? Check it out if you didn't. Hope that counts for something. Happy belated.

  2. I remember going trick or treating with you guys 5 years ago and your kids were Mike Wazowski, Celia, and the other monster whose name I can't remember right now, though I can picture it very clearly. Lucy was Boo--purple shorts and a pink shirt. You did all the work, and they looked amazing, even Lu, because of the other costumes. Anyhoo--glad you had a wonderful week, sorry we missed you while we were down there, and GOOD JOB at simplifying.

  3. Happy Birthday! I thought you were already wise, we better watch out.
    I too remember the Monsters Inc costumes... I am glad to have you down on my level. Welcome.;)


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