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OK, Maybe Just Older

Today I feel old. And forgetful. The Bradshaws, some of our best married college friends, were in town this week. Sarah called Thursday while I was at my meeting. I got the message, wrote down the phone number and made a mental note to have Brent call that evening because I had lost my voice. The thing about mental notes is, they're easy to lose. I found the phone number when I cleaned off my desk today. Too late. Total bummer. So, I'm asking . . . is THIS what I have to look forward to? And will you all still be my friends??? Especially you, Sarah? I'm so sorry!!!


  1. We will just have to put you next to Shiela - point the fan in your direction and splash water on you now and again - so that you can "cruise" with the rest of us...
    You won't remember it anyway, right?

  2. After some careful thought and consideration, I've decided to grant your request. You are forgiven. And I'd even have forgiven you if I hadn't forgotten to try again and call YOU on Friday . . . and then on Saturday. Ah well--we come down a lot and I plan on seeing you sometime!!
    p.s. I'd hold out for the 5 band platinum ring. I'm pretty sure I heard Santa has a lot of stock in Tiffany & Co.
    p.p.s. Sounds like you guys had a fabulous, sick, fun-filled weekend. We did too. 1 full week of tiring, prop-your-eyelids-open fun:-)


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