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I'm Looking Forward to the Company.

I just can't get upset about this "Economic Crisis" everyone is talking about. I try, but I feel nothing. Except maybe a little excited. See, my own personal little economic crisis started a couple of years ago. It's been kind of rough, BUT . . . you know what they say about misery. IT LOVES COMPANY!!! So, to those of you who are newly stressing and feeling the effects I say, Welcome to the clubhouse! Brent and I have even tried to spruce the place up a little. The seats are warm and comfortable once you settle in and get acquainted with the word Budget. It'll be fun. We'll trade coupons and watch each other's kids. Check your credit card and your ego at the door and let's have a little fun! Crisis, Schmisis!


  1. Sounds fun. We can all compare losses in our 401K plans and who ever loses the most money....WINS! I'll bring the Kleenex.

  2. My mom said that the Depression had no effect on her parents. They were too poor to notice the difference. Silver linings--silver linings.

  3. I can bring the chocolate. There is always money for chocolate maybe not clothes but always chocolate.

  4. Yes, indeed. Take anything you want, just don't take my chocolate. It's first on the budget list.


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