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. . . And I'm Back!!

Temporarily. I am frantically doing my laundry so we can leave again in the morning for Utah. We're all excited to go see the Gregsons up there. Hopefully I won't get quite as much sass out of Don and Ann as I did from my dear little campers. Of course I won't be responsible for getting them to clean latrines.

So, Girls Camp in 5 words:
  • Difficult
  • Sassy
  • I Survived!

We had a wonderful time, but we had a few girls who were a little more than a handful and a little less than cooperative. Miraculously, I held my tongue (against all odds) in the face of one of the biggest brats I have ever met. This girl was very, VERY needy (emotionally) and liked to threaten to kill people (including a cabin mom, a couple of her fellow campers, and our bishop). Yikes! This same girl accused me of bullying her and said she (SHE!) didn't feel safe. I had asked her kindly to remove her half eaten food from the table outside our cabin and join us sweeping the lodge (our evening chore). I'm such a bad a@#! Also one of our girls is autistic and she is sweet as can be, but she likes to wander off. This was especially problematic since a mountain lion had been spotted in the next camp over and we were asked to keep close tabs on the girls. I spent a lot of time "finding" McKala.

Everything else was fantastic. Good food, sweet girls, fun activities, no complaints. I even survived Temple Canyon!! We did the 5 hour hike in a little less than 4 hours. Sweet!!! Those girls were bookin' it and I didn't think I could keep up, but I did. Yeah, Me! Now, I have to run, but I'll post pictures of all my adventures when we got home next week!

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  1. Welcome back, Amy! Can't wait to hear all about it! And post pictures of the (undoubtedly) cute crafts you manufactured while there...


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