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Weekend Update

My weekend in 5 words:
  • eating my weight in satay -OR-
  • laughing until my head hurts -OR-
  • working overtime to buy gifts -OR-
  • life is good -- real good.

I had trouble narrowing it down this week. I am reminding myself of my junior year in high school's AP English with the dreaded Dr. Osbourne. Every paper I wrote (and everyone else's, too, as far as I could tell) came back with the word verbose scribbled across the top in bright red ink. Oh well. I won the Junior award for English (highest grade, I guess) that year. But that is neither here nor there.

1. We had dinner with a group of ten friends on Friday night. My friend, Dee Ann, who served her mission in Thailand cooked a huge feast for us all and it was wonderful!!! She probably made 15 different dishes (not exaggerating) and we ate steadily for two straight hours. It was only at the two hour mark that she told us about the Thai custom of leaving some food on your plate to signify that you had eaten your fill and were happily satisfied. Sooo delicious!

2. There is nothing better in life than good friends -- the kind you can laugh with for two straight hours. So much so that you leave with a headache. The dinner Friday night was a regular laugh riot. Then again Saturday night we had the best family dinner just laughing and poking fun at each other. Good times. I absolutely LOVE to laugh with my friends and family. That was my favorite part of our Ensenada cruise earlier this year. It was my favorite part of our girls' weekend in Vegas two Octobers ago. It is my favorite part of any Gregson or Hughes family get together. Laughter is the best medicine.

3. I am so thrilled that I have a job where I can work as much or as little as I choose. And, oddly, I am liking it more and more the longer I work there. I love that when the sweet-as-sugar little babies grow up and reach the terrible twos there is always a fresh new batch of newbies to love. And my big, way-too-grown-up kids are sooooo sweet and loving toward these little guys. I've been working a lot extra lately because we have an abundance of summer birthdays in our family. Good, good fun.

4. I am feeling extremely blessed and lucky lately. There are so many things going right right now that I feel just about as happy as I've ever been. The kids are healthy, Riley's A1c is down, Brent still has a job with Countrywide/Bank of America for the time being (and a 1% raise, boo yah), I've definitely won the family lottery (on both sides), we have food to eat and a roof over our head. At times like this I usually feel the need to brace myself for the next big catastrophe, but this time I think I'll just enjoy the lull and roll with the punches when (if?) they come.

I hope your weekend was fantastic, too.


  1. Wow, this was braggy. And I loved it. I missed a couple of days and I come back to all kinds of good stuff... the designing, the quotes on the side of the blog, the letters between your kids. Love it all, my friend.

  2. Maybe I was trying a little too hard to make up for my past few days of whining like a baby. ;O) I also failed to mention that any day now Brent could NOT have a job and we are still paying off thousands of dollars of debt from when he lost his job the last time. Braggy, no. Blissfully ignorant, you bet your @#%. You make me laugh!!!

  3. Also, remember that I have to be medicated to feel this way . . .

  4. You crack me up. You DO have a lot to be happy about, and you deserve every bit of it. Not that undeserving people can't be happy, I just think it's great that you are sharing it all :).


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