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Crap for Camp

My "Needing to be done" item for the past week or so has been' "lots of crap for camp" or something to that effect. I thought I share what I've been up to. I've always said camp around these parts is more like a Broadway production than an actual camp. Maybe now you'll believe me.

I helped the girls make these bags out of t-shirts. Can you believe how cute they are?! I ironed on the picture and added the cute initials and ribbons. Too much fun.

We always get matching pajama pants for everyone. The overall theme for camp this year is "Oh the Places You'll Go" (Dr. Seuss) and our ward theme is "Hop on Pop". Obviously our ward color is orange. I ordered the iron on letters from a Canadian web site. They turned out OK. Not my favorite.

I embroidered (yes, by hand) each girls name onto this cute gingham fabric and then sewed it into pillowcases. Neat, huh? At this point Brent asked me if we were going camping or to a craft fair. Sheesh!

We have one night at camp when each ward has two hours to make up a dance to an assigned song. This is what my girls will be sporting for the show. Last year our theme was Lion King and I made the most awesome manes out of raffia and headbands for each of my 14 girls. This year I only have 8. Lucky me. When I broke this project out, Brent was convinced that no camping was going to be done whatsoever. I hate to admit he's probably right.

You may be questioning my sanity at this point. But you have not yet seen the handmade cards for each of the girls each day at camp. Or the cute little gifts that they will find sitting on their bunks when they get back from classes each day. Or the handouts for my devotional. (Because I just now remembered that I have to do a devotional.) This is all too much fun for me. I call it "crap for camp" but what I really mean is 100 little things that make camp worth doing. I am soooo in my element right now. And if you have ideas for a devotional I'd be much obliged.


  1. You are amazing!! I wish that I had 1/2 the talent that you do. Your girls are lucky to camp with you. I know because I have been to girls camp with you : ) Not only can you know how to treat chiggers!

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember tents, outdoor showers, and ticks. This looks much, MUCH more fun.


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