My 3 Monsters: Defusing a Time bomb
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Defusing a Time bomb

We're two weeks into summer break and tensions between the monsters have been steadily mounting. Sydney says they simply can't spend this much time together. It's not good for our family and something needs to change. And she's only (almost) ten. I suggested that maybe the change could take place in her attitude as she spent some solo time in her room. That wasn't the change she had in mind. Anyway, that was last week. Today we reached critical mass between Sis and Riley and I needed to think fast. Soooooo . . . I made them write letters to one another listing the reasons why they loved each other. Pretty slick, huh? The letters were so sweet and, with their permission, you can read them, too. Enjoy. (This is why I love my kids so much!)

a lot of reasons i like riley
1. he's usually happy.
2. he's very occassionally fun to swim with.
3. he smiles a lot.
4. he has a cute cowlick.
5. he looks cute when he smiles.
6. he laughs when i tickle him.
7. when he is grumpy he doesn't take it out on us. (for the most part)
8. most of the time he likes to keep me company. [This was precisely what their fight had been about earlier. Funny.]
9. his laugh is cute.
10. he has pretty colored eyes.
11. he likes to give hugs.
I [drawing of an eye] [heart] U!!!

I like Sydney becuse she is a part of my fmiley and she likes to go swimming so do I. I like her becuse she beats my scores on Wii fit so I have anothor score to beat. I rilly like her when she is happy and she almost always is. I like her when she lets me clime trees with her. I rilly like her because she is a good big sister. I like her when she is nice to me. I rilly with a capitel r like her refreshments. [She made cupcakes yesterday.] I rilly think that she is a good reader and I like when she tells me a good book to read. Evin thow she gets mad and hits me I rilly like Sydney. From, Riley

Crisis averted. Afternoon spent swimming and generally enjoying life. We really are a happy family. Really.

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  1. I love that your kids are older than mine, because when we reach these stages I can use your great ideas. Consider yourself thanked!


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